Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome Followers!!

Welcome Followers! I'm so excited to have followers! My plan is to post as often as I can, but at least weekly with writing tips, exercises, brainstorming ideas, and challenges, as well as personal daily comments about my own writing & life journey. I will try my hardest not to bore people, but I make no promises..... :)

I welcome advice and comments any time, especially from veteran bloggers.
I invite everyone to get involved in the discussions and challenges regardless of whether you are a writer or not. As writers, we are always looking for help brainstorming ideas and storylines.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and hope that you enjoy following my journey.
Feel free to email me directly with any comments or questions if you want to as well.

Quick matter of business: Though I invite and encourage involvement and interaction with this blog and its followers, I do ask that we respect each other's opinions, and keep comments related to the topics. No vulgar or rude comments will be tolerated! Thanks!

OKay, enough of that....before closing,,,,I send out another WELCOME to my followers!


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