Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on Goals!

Not doing so good. I did my weekly goal post with info on WriteOnCon, but my daily goal of 30 minutes a day is falling short. I did it on Monday, 30.47 mins. I can't even remember what my excuse was for Tuesday...oh wait, I do...after dinner was a full hour of Hell's Kitchen that caught me. Wednesday, it was So you think you can Dance....Thursday, my son was sent home from school with 102F temp, so I had to leave work early, and spent the evening and into the night pumping him full of water and Tylenol. He stayed home from school today, and he thought he was feeling better, so we went to my parent's home to hang out, and had dinner. He fell asleep on us again, and when I woke him to leave, he was feeling hot again. I just took his temperature and it is at 101.9F again. He is sleeping again now, so I might try and get in a few minutes tonight. But if not I have 2.5 hours of writing to makeup tomorrow since the goal was 30 minutes a day, except for Sundays. No Sundays will be tough for me since my weekends are when I have the most time to devote to my writing....

I told you I'm not good at making myself work until I'm at a deadline. But with your help and support, I really feel like I can overcome this terrible habit. I though about giving myself a dedicated writing time, like 9-10pm. That way, my son would be in bed (theoretically..hehe) and it will be quiet, and still give me enough rest before I have to wake for work at 630am. Or maybe 930 to 1030,,,I don't know. Maybe I will play with that for next weeks daily goals.

What are some of the ways you motivate yourself to finish a goal? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Love Always,


  1. eeee currently trying to motivate myself.. normally not a problem but you just get those days when you're soooo not inclined... If I come up with any grand solutions I'll let you know *grin* (I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be along the lines of 'just do it' but I'm ignoring my sensible voice at the moment)

  2. How Funny! I actually have that saying, "Just Do It!" in bold letters on my cork board above my computer. I really need to read more often!