Monday, December 9, 2013


OKAY, okay...I finally did it.

I have a twitter page, and I'm trying to learn how to use it.

Here is my link:

I can see how it can be a great way to network with publishers, agents, fellow authors and aspiring authors.

If I want to give this a real go once I have a story written, I should probably know what's going on in the publishing world...right?

Some of my many talents DO NOT include marketing myself in ANY WAY...
I just don't seem to have enough confidence to even FAKE my way into trying to market myself.

This of course is going to be a struggle and a learning experience for me. But I have learn one thing...

Don't be afraid to network with those you know. I have brothers that are GREAT at selling themselves. I just need to hire one of them to be my marketing project manager and I'm gravy!

Yes, I'm talking about you GARY!!!!!!  hehehee...hint, hint, hint,   WINK, WINK, WINK!

N-E-Wayz, I must have something for him to sell first, so I should really shut up and go back to writing my next chapter...