Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online Writing Conference

As you can see by the awesome countdown to your right, there is a free online writers conference coming up in August. It is for Kids literature, (Main Character under 18) and will have numerous agents, publishers, authors, aspiring authors meeting up for critiques and such. I'm so excited about this. I attended the Storymaker's Conference in April and loved it! So being able to attend another conference like forum, without leaving my home or spending any money sounds completely groovy to me! The conference is August 10-12, looks like it starts REALLY early. I'm thinking about taking advantage of my vacation time in order to attend fully, but we'll see as it gets closer.

So I have two months to get working on my young adult manuscript, so I have something to submit to the critique forums. I realize some of my followers are authors and maybe all ready involved in this WriteOnCon and incredibly busy, and I look forward to working with you guys at the conference. So, If any of my other followers are interested in being a reader for me prior to the conference to help me get ready, I'd love to have your opinions and another set of eyes. Just let me know, and I'll let you know what it entails. It would probably be closer to the end of July before I would be ready.

If anyone else is interested in attending the WriteOnCon, visit the website for more information at

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