Thursday, September 29, 2011

And the WINNER IS!!!!!

Hey There,

So after a very successful Sept. Blog Hop, I've found more followers. I really am hoping that I don't disappoint and that you will keep coming back to check in with me. I have a couple of Book Reviews coming in the next couple of months, the 1st scheduled for Oct. 22nd. So look out for that!

OKAY, now the official business...And the WINNER of the Sept Blog Hop is.....................

Cindy M. Hogan, Author of Watched. YAY!!! Congrats to Cindy!!
She won an autographed photo and CD from the rock band Built By Stereo, band t-shirt, shout out on their Facebook page (over 16,000 followers!) and a $10 gift card to the store of her choice!

For those that didn't win, you didn't lose either! You can check out the band's website and download a free copy of their single, "Looking Back" as well as view the music video for the song! Also for those in the Salt Lake area, the band will be performing at "The Depot" with 80's Rock Band Tesla! on November 1st! Check out the band's facebook page for more tour dates!

Oct. Blog Hop will be coming soon! I'm planning on "hopping" onto that one, too. Check back soon to see what I'll be giving away next time!

Again, Congrats to Cindy M. Hogan!

Love Always,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Hop!

Welcome to the September Blog Hop! Celebrate the beginning of fall with me and my blogger friends by hopping around, visiting our sites, and entering our contests! There are no limits - you can enter the contest on every blog. With over 40 blogs participating, that's over 40 prizes you could win. Just click on the links below to move on to the next blog.

On my blog, you can win …

An autographed photo of the rock band Built By Stereo! Their Debut CD autographed (once it is available, in a couple of weeks), a band T-Shirt, stickers and a shout out on their Band pages like Facebook as a Winner!
($30 value) along with a $10 gift card to a store of your choice!
That's a total value of $40!

Would you like to win this prize? You just need to do two things.

1. Become a follower of this blog.

2. Leave me a comment in the trail and tell me why you'd like to win this prize.

That's it! You are now entered. The contest ends on Saturday night, September 24th, at midnight MST, and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Please either leave your e-mail address in the comment trail or make sure it's visible through your profile so I can contact you to tell you that you're the lucky winner.

Now go visit my other friends ...

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45. Lisa Asanuma
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48. Diane Stringam Tolley

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog Hop starts tomorrow!

Hey Everyone. The September Blog Hop Starts tomorrow! It runs from Sept. 22 to midnight on Sept. 24th!
There are over 40 different blogs that are participating, which means there are over 40 different prizes that can be won!

Come check out my blog tomorrow, and see what I've got planned! Then HOP on over to my friends and see what they have planned!

Good Luck and Happy Blog Hopping!

Love Kris

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Hop coming up!

I'm going to be participating in a Blog Hop next weekend. There will many opportunities to win great prizes, and hopefully a great way of finding those little "gems" in the blog world.

It's going to happen next weekend, so keep checking back for information and the links to other great blogs.

As you visit the blogs on the hop, you can register to win prizes at each stop. At the same time, you will be able to come in contact with the different blogs and might find a great new spot to frequent.

I'm excited to be a part of this, and I'm hoping you will want to take a look at all the great blogs out there.
 Look for more details next week!

Love Always,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Reviewer - A New Credit to the Resume...

Hello, Look at my cool award! Deirdra Eden-Coppel from
thinks I have a pretty cool blog! Thanks Deirdra! I'm loving yours as well!

SO today I was asked to become a book reviewer for a Virtual Book Tour Company run by Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author (among her many talents). I'm so excited to get involved. Within a couple of hours of accepting, I already have my first assignment. YAY!
So keep checkin back with me over the next month. This will be my second time doing a book review. I was able to be a stop on Tamara Heiner's Blog Tour last year. I'm really looking forward to getting my feet wet and of course getting to read lots of books! Thanks, Tristi!

Oh and BTW, a follow-up to the last post....I've already lost 3 lbs! Yay me!

As Always,
Thanks for listening~
Love, Kris

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking care of...myself? That's such a hard thing to do!

I'm extremely busy. Working full time, school full time, church activity calling, driving son to and from boy scouts, housework, laundry, grocery shopping, dinner...I could go on and on..So having time to take care of ME...has never been on my radar. So the decision to make time for my own health and losing weight is very difficult, but necessary.
I've never been able to think about myself. I always feel guilty. But, I do realize that being unhealthy does take away from my family's time with me. SO, I want to take control and get in shape.

The hardest part is finding the motivation to keep going when the finish line is SO FAR AWAY!..
I'm so embarassed that I let myself get to this point in my weight. Especially coming from a background of 18 years of coaching cheerleading and teaching the girls on my teams to take care of themselves and stay in  shape. I mean, really, what kind of example have I been in my life, being the overweight cheer coach?

I think that is one of the reasons I finally retired from coaching. I lost my confidence. I've always loved coaching, and I think I was pretty good at it. But, the more weight I gained the harder it was to build up the courage each time to get in front of a group of fit girls and instruct them in dance and cheer.

Another thing I've realized is that I need help. I need someone to be accountable I'm hoping that my friends and family can help with that. I'm going to need tips and tricks and inspiration. Some encouragement and reminders that I'm worth the effort when I mess up and get depressed... I'll try to keep you guys updated regularly on my progress, but if I don't PLEASE ASK! Make me accountable!

I know that losing the weight will help my think clearer, breathe better, and enjoy being with my family more without being so tired. AND I can go on roller coasters again! HAHA....

So...Here we go!  :)