Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking care of...myself? That's such a hard thing to do!

I'm extremely busy. Working full time, school full time, church activity calling, driving son to and from boy scouts, housework, laundry, grocery shopping, dinner...I could go on and on..So having time to take care of ME...has never been on my radar. So the decision to make time for my own health and losing weight is very difficult, but necessary.
I've never been able to think about myself. I always feel guilty. But, I do realize that being unhealthy does take away from my family's time with me. SO, I want to take control and get in shape.

The hardest part is finding the motivation to keep going when the finish line is SO FAR AWAY!..
I'm so embarassed that I let myself get to this point in my weight. Especially coming from a background of 18 years of coaching cheerleading and teaching the girls on my teams to take care of themselves and stay in  shape. I mean, really, what kind of example have I been in my life, being the overweight cheer coach?

I think that is one of the reasons I finally retired from coaching. I lost my confidence. I've always loved coaching, and I think I was pretty good at it. But, the more weight I gained the harder it was to build up the courage each time to get in front of a group of fit girls and instruct them in dance and cheer.

Another thing I've realized is that I need help. I need someone to be accountable to...so I'm hoping that my friends and family can help with that. I'm going to need tips and tricks and inspiration. Some encouragement and reminders that I'm worth the effort when I mess up and get depressed... I'll try to keep you guys updated regularly on my progress, but if I don't PLEASE ASK! Make me accountable!

I know that losing the weight will help my think clearer, breathe better, and enjoy being with my family more without being so tired. AND I can go on roller coasters again! HAHA....

So...Here we go!  :)


  1. Kristie! Im so excited and happy for you. I know you will be successful. Look at mom! She is an awesome example to us all! You should join Loseit.com orSparkpeople.com Both are great tools to use in your journey. Plus logging in everything you eat becomes a little addictive and fun after a while. ( Except when you eat 4 pieces of cheesecake like me, then you don't want to log that haha. The app on your phone makes everything so easy. There are tons of friends on there, recipes, ideas, inspiration and more.

    Don't allow yourself to feel depressed when you mess up. That is Satan's BIGGEST way of getting to us women. Making us feel down in the dumps about those things he KNOWS will get us there. Just remember that the simple act of "starting over" and "getting back on track the next day" is your best way to succeed.

    I can't wait to hear about your progress! Good Luck.

  2. Im here for you. Lets do this together. I've been slacking too much lately. Need to kickstart my motivation too. We can hold each other accountable. Love you and congrats on the first few pounds down.