Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello Again

This month was crazy. I took a Mythology class, and I learned that Mythology is SO much more than just stories about Gods and Goddesses.

But the biggest surprise for me was coming out of it feeling like I had taken a writer's class on storytelling. Because, let's face it, that's what myth is: Storytelling.

We were assigned a critical analysis essay on theories that had been presented in the text. I chose to write my essay using Joseph Campbell's Theory of the Hero's Journey and Carl Jung's Theory of Archetypes and their grounding in our unconscious mind.

So, I probably sound smarter than I really am, but I really feel like I came away from this class with more knowledge and understanding of characters than I had before. This class not only gets me one class closer to gaining a BA in English, but will help me become a better writer.

For those writers out there, I would highly recommend looking up these men and their theories on the Hero's Quest and mythical archetypes. It will help you alot. It did for me.

BTW, I wrote my analysis essay on Simba's Journey in The Lion King. If you haven’t watched this movie in awhile, I suggest you do and try NOT to analyze the Hero’s Journey. It’s like watching a writer’s course that even your kids can enjoy. :)

It has several archetypal characters that help our Hero along his journey:

King Mufasa / Queen Sarabi – Father / Mother archetype

Uncle Scar - Villian archetype

Nala – Love Goddess archetype

Timon & Pumbaa – Trickster archetype

Raffiki – Wise Old Sage archetype

Just food for thought. Disney movies are great for breaking down characters and storyboarding.


  1. Absolutely! Disney movies are caricatures of all those positions. Great post!

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