Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Shout Out!

Just want to pay homage to my Rock Star brother ( in training)..I added a video bar ( as long as it works) that is linked to their youtube videos of performances. Their album is due in stores in 2 months....

I'm so excited and proud!

I hope you like them. If you wanna see more, and I know you do...Type in Body Electric the band in the youtube search.

My brother is the guitarist on the right hand side with the white guitar. Go Tony!
Daniel is the amazing front man and Tony's BFF...hehe
Robbie the increbile bassist
Derek is the incomparable drummer..

Check them out and let them know what you think at Body Electric the band on Facebook, Myspace or here on my blog.....


P.S. My favorite is She Wants Blood...
Since my blog is essentially about my writing journey, I will say this...
I did contributed 2 lines in the 2nd verse...  :)

Shhh...Don't worry Daniel, I won't be suing for songwriting rights or anything....LOL

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